Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Teaaaaa problems

This is just a random post not about beauty or anything, just thought I'd tell you before you read on :)

Anyone that knows me, will know I am addicted to tea. I use to have 6/7 cups a day!! No lie! Im so addicted that I actually get horrible headaches if I dont have at least 2 cups a day :( How sad!
  But it makes me so bloated and makes me feel icky!! Does anyone else have the same problem?? If you do what have you done about it?

 Oh and its my mug cute?? It was £1.50 from Duneml, another mug to add to my collection


  1. my boyfriend drinks more tea than anyone i know, he has about 10 cups a day! it could be the dairy that bloats you, you could try swapping for soya milk? have a look in the supermarket in the normal milk aisle and there'll be loads of alternatives!x

  2. You look beautiful dear and I love that mug!
    Would you like to follow each other? :)


  3. I'm like that with coffee, get a headache if I don't have one in the morning. Although the most I drink is 3! lol! Maybe if you have a herbal tea? Might reduce the bloating and its got anti oxidants in. =) x

  4. My sister is like addicted to tea as well!! She drinks so much tea everyday.

    I invite you to check my blog out

  5. Hey just followed you love your blog already :)
    follow us back? :)

  6. Tea makes everything better :) Love your nail polish colour!

  7. You look lovely, and your mug is really cute :)


  8. I LOVE tea AND your mug, unfortunately I have no advice on what to do about your headaches. I have them too if I don't drink enough caffeine.