Saturday, 31 March 2012

Shopping ban!

Heyy everyone, I'm sorry I haven't blogged or tweeted, my life has literally consisted of revision,tea and the gym lately!
 I have an exam on the 16th April so not long, then I can get back to blogging and tweeting! And also finish off my semi-permanent eyelash website!! 

I have also banned myself from shopping intill after the exam!!! :( I need/want so many things! It is so hard!!
  On the 16th after my exam, im going on a massive shopping spree! Then when I get home i'll show you all what I bought, eee I'm so excited! 


Wednesday, 28 March 2012

I will be doing a 'give away' when I get to my 60th follower, may seem a while away, but everyone starts somewhere

Im looking forward to this❤

Tuesday, 27 March 2012

My life

I was giving my Louis Vuitton diary as a christmas present 2 years ago, but never used it, then moved house and thought I lost it! Last September I was going through all my things, tidying my room, and I found it! Hidden it a pocket in one of my old bags.
 I Don't know how I ever lived with out it before!
If you know me then you would know that I have always had problems organising things,being on time for everything and forgetting where i'm supposed to be at a certain time. But this has stopped all my problems aha!

  I literally carry it everywhere with me! It's perfect size to fit it your handbag, and it doesn't take up any room, even if its a small bag! It also has card compartments to, so you can use it a purse.
I would show you a picture of inside,but my hand writing is so messy! (I blame it on being left handed)

I also feel like a business person having it to, as if I have important things to write down and places to be ahaha!

Do you have problems organising things?
Try buying a diary!

Sunday, 25 March 2012

My hair mission, month 1

Here it is, my mission to grow my hair! So for years I swear my hair just hasn't grown, well it has but my hair dresser said that my splits end just snap (cryyy!)
 I will be doing monthly posts on these products too let you all know the truth whether they work or not (hopefully they will!)

I had my hair trimmed yesterday, to get rid of my split ends, so this will be the beginning of my healthy hair.

Before I bought these products, I um'ed and arh'ed about them, thinking will they really work? and my mum said you wont know inless you try! so I just thought why not? They all had mixed opinions. I purchased all of these from boots, its 3 for 2 all all these products! So I also thought I would take advantage!

I will do the hair treatment routine every time I wash my hair. I only wash my hair 2/3 times a week which might seem a bit gross, but my hair doesn't really get greasy as I wear it up 75% of the time.

First step 
Lee Stafford Hair growth shampoo 200ml

This is a clearish colour shampoo, and lathers a lot in your hair, so you don't need much of this
Its a protein based shampoo, 'helps hair grow faster and to its maximum potential length'
We'll see how true that is in a month time!
I have use this once and it did make my hair knotted and harder to brush when I got out of the bath, but I didn't really mind this too much, as long as its not damaging my hair!

Second step
Lee Stafford Hair Growth Treatment 200ml

This had the best review (175 reviews with 4 and a half/5 stars
 I don't think that this will last too long, if you have long or thick hair.
'For hair that never grows past a certain length' This contains a protein based mixture, which is mean't to help hair grow and become stronger, so your split ends don't snap so much.
  It says to use this between your shampooing and your conditioning, use an egg sized amount, and to apply it evenly throughout your hair, but massage it into your scalp and leave it on for 5 minutes. This made my hair feels really smooth when I washed it

Third step
Lee stafford hair growth conditioner 200ml

This is protein based conditioner just the same as above. I didn't have to use much of this, and I left this on for 3 minutes.

Fourth step
I towel dry my hair so its 80% dry then apply a pea sized amount of Miracle oil (I have blogged about this previously)
Then I apply my Aussie volume mouse and heat protector then blowdry the top of my hair and then let the rest dry naturally.

Final step!
Just before I go to bed I massage my head, this apparently stimulates the blood circulation in your head which makes your hair grow fasters, and it also reduces stress and helps relaxation! 

 Vitamins and Food Diets

Every morning I will be taking multivitamins,Vitamin C,B complex,and omega 3 for vegetarians, I have read that all these will help your hair grow healthily and strong, I take these anyway because im a vegetarian so I need my vitamins! 

Oily Fish foods- This is supposed to be really good for your hair as its omega 3, but sadly I don't eat fish. Also proteins foods but I don't have much protein! So I will change this 

My daily fruit and veg, dark green and orange foods are also mean't to help, e.g Broccoli and sweet potato

So this is pretty much it! I really hope all this works! Ill be devastated if it doesn't ha! 
Let me know if you know of any good techniques or products 

I LOVE SUMMER, hate revising

Just a random little post, been shopping and revising today, I have an exam in 3 weeks! and I've only just started revising. Aaaaarrhhhhh stressing, why do I always leave everything last minute!?

 So here I was revising, and Baby comes along and rudely plonks her butt on my revision, cheeky girl! Does anyone have any good revision tips?


Come on summer! I just need a holiday to get away!! Can't wait too get a tan,go to the beach and everything else to do with summer, no more fake tan! woohoo! 

Anyone else excited?!
What plans do you all have for summer?
I also want to go to the wireless festival but its sold out! Does anyone know where I can get tickets from?

Thursday, 22 March 2012


 I have tried so many primers and these two seem to be my favorite at the moment

Effet Miracle £26
 I really like the texture of this, its like a 'airy,mousey' feel and its white but obviously goes clear wenn you apply it.
I use this for everyday use, as it tends to keep the shine of my face nearly all day, and I have quite wide pores and this seems to make them appear smaller. So far im loving this, but it quite expensive, but I wont be buying it again for a while as it lasts quite a long time! :)

Loreal Studio secrets £28
 £14.29 for a single pot
I had this in my stocking for Christmas, it came with two in the box!
 I use this when I go out for a meal or out for a few drinks, it's seems to be quite good for photos and takes away any shine, it's lasts all night and stops my makeup from going patchy, it feels a bit thicker than the Lanc├┤me primer, but doesn't feel Cakey before you put any makeup on

If you've found any good primers for oily skin then please let me know! :)

Sneak peak

This is going to be a long review!

All about my mission to grow my hair, this post will include special techniques e.g massages,supplements,hair products even down to foods and diets!
 I hope everything I've bought will make a difference!

It mainly all comes down to this box... I'm waiting for one more thing to arrive then I will post all the products!

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥  

Thursday, 15 March 2012

Granny Style!!

  Soo, last night I went out for my friends birthday, and dressed up as a granny!
I got my outfit from a charity shop and it came to around 6 pound, my blouse is from primark for £10 and so are my dolly shoes which were only £4!
  I actually in a strange way like the skirt, but only in the sense I'm going to use it as a strapless beach dress in the summer, it then it come to just above my knees.
 If your thinking of going out fancy dress, I would defiantly say GO AS A GRANNY! The looks people were giving us were hilarious!!

So this is what I wore,

Whats your favourite fancy dress? I need another idea for next month but cant think of any!!!

This is how I'm thinking of wearing it, considering it was only £3! I don't think its that bad, im going to take the little red bow of though.

This is the £10 blouse from Primark, and I actually really like it! 


Monday, 12 March 2012


I bought these 4 days ago, and I'm really liking them!

I used MAC press powder about 2 years ago, but once I finished it, I never went back to it, I don't know why, but I have just rediscovered it, and have no idea why I stopped using it!
Theres no problem with my old press powder (maybeline) but I ran out of it so I just decided to try a new one.
This one has is translucent, not sure if I prefer that to be honest? But I don't mind either way, I keep my shine away for a really long time! Longer than my maybeline one, and you don't need to use much either, so hopefully its going to last me a long time.

Ok, I know my eyebrows are awful, I seriously need to get them sorted out, There are over plucked and uneven.
This MAC eyebrow pencil really helps me get a more precise shape to my eyebrow because it has a little tip,which I really like. For some reason I don't think this going to last that long, but when I run out of this im going to try a powder instead of pencil, so if anyone knows any good powders then let me know! :)


MAC press powder £18
MAC eyebrow pencil £11.50

Little haul

This isn't really much of a haul, but I love the stuff I've bought, and wanted to share it!

Topshop playsuit is probably my favourite, I got this from the petite section.
Its really flattering and the flowers on them are gorgeous, the only thing i'm a bit worried about is that its a high neck, and they dont usually suit me, but I will make it suit me! I have to I love it! I would defiantly recommend it, its a chevron material  and falls in all the right places.

I have been eyeing up these topshop shorts ever since they came into stock. I'm loving pastel colours at the moment! I just thought these were so summery and you can dress up or down and there so yummy! The only thing is that there a little big around my waist, but thats not too much of a problem, as Im going to tuck tops into it, so it wont be so noticeable. I love the fact there high waisted too, because I have little legs (disadvantage of being 5ft2!).

I have read so many amazing reviews on Real Techniques brushes, so I thought i'd give the powder one a try.  For their quality thats quite in expensive to other brushes for the same look they give.
 The bristles are really soft and picks up the perfect amount of press powder/bronzer with out it making it look cakey on your face, and it speads evenly giving you a flawless finish.

I've been looking for a new/good bronzer for a while now, and I know a lot of my friends use this one and dont have any complaints about it, so I bought it to try and im really pleased with it, you can build up the colour of it to however dark you want it, and stays on for a long time without the bronze colour starting to fade. Oh and this smells amazing!

I love this colour nail vanish! I actually had an exact colour like this a couple of months ago, but lost it! I seriously always loose everything. Again its a pastel pink and it looks gorgeous on! Defiantly my favourite colour at the moment.

Topshop playsuit £48
Topshop shorts £32
Bourjois bronzer £8.50
Real Technique Powder brush £12.50
Barry M Strawberry Nail vanish £2.50

Tuesday, 6 March 2012

My Chanel experience

Sadly this is not a positive review, but I decided to be a blogger so I can tell people the truth. 

So around beginning in OctoberI bought the Chanel Mat lumiere foundation.(this is now discontinued)  I had very high expectations of this, as everything else I have of Chanel I have, I love, including blushers,bronzers,perfumes  etc.

First problem was - the colour match, the women at the Chanel counter colour matched me two shades darker than what I am, and I was very surprised at this! 

Second problem - It was very thick and 'cakey' and the women told me that it will not look cakey. But I disappointingly have to say is that this women was obviously just trying to sell me this product. 

Third Problem - When I did wear it to just try it out, with in an hour it made my skin look oily, and then became patchy.
"controls shine" this does not control shine.

The fact that I was colour matched wrong, did not help the patchiness at all.

I have recently tested out the Perfection Lumiere which is meant to be a better version of Mat Lumiere. It is better but again still the same problems, just not as much.
I do have to tell you, there are better products out there for my skin and possibly others for £36.

Please tell me if you think different to this review about this product.
But remember to ask for a days sample to try before you buy!

Every since this experience I am so weary of trying new foundations and people trying to sell them.

I just want an amazing foundation which I love!
Have you had any bad experiences with foundation?
If you have I'd love to know!


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Monday, 5 March 2012

Hair Care Schwarzopf

So within the last 6 weeks I have gone from a dark brunette to a blonde (still trying to get use to it, not too sure about it at the moment) and as use can imagine, what the damage is like to my hair! I've always had really soft and knott free hair, but now its dry, gets knotted very easily, and everything else along with bleaching my hair.
 My hair dresser at first refused to do it, as she loved my dark hair, but I needed a change, and as its coming up to summer, I thought it was a perfect idea to go lighter!
 I was naughty, my cousin who is a hairdresser, I asked her if she could put some highlights in my hair so she did that for 3 weeks then I went to my salon, and my hairdresser then agreed to finally dye it Because my cousin got my hair fairly light!
 After getting my hair to near enough to the colour I want my hairdresser said to me, that she is not going to touch my hair again intill I use these products that she recommened me to buy, so I have been doing that the past to weeks and I can already see a massive difference!
 She will be so shocked when she see's me next on how quickly my hair repaired itself.
 I can only imagine what the results will be in 6 weeks when I go to have my roots done!
 The products I used were,

 BC Bonacure Hairtherapy Repair Rescue Schwarzopf
 Shampoo and conditioner for both I paid £30 in my salon, but I'm sure the prices online with be a lot cheaper.
 These are both creamy textures which is really soothing in your hair.

When using the shampoo I do two washes with it, one after another, I find this way you have better results.

With the conditioner I gently massage it into my hair and leave it for two minutes, the rinse with warm water.

Miracle Oil £24
Again I'm pretty sure you could find this cheaper on the internet but I bought this  from my salon.
Before I use this I towel dry my hair, and put a pea sized amount in my palms, the evenly rub it in my hair, and style as normal.
This gives the shine and extra repair for the hair, and also helps with split ends!

         If you have dry and brittle hair I would defiantly recommend these products! If you have any questions about these then please ask! <3

Lancome Skin care

   Just before Christmas my skin broke out in spots, and I rarely get them any more, and everything I was trying just wasn't working!
   I had been eyeing up the Lancome products for quite a while, and at that moment in time I was willing to try anything, so I did buy them, although for some people there price can be expensive, but too keep your skin clean and clear, personally I think its worth it.
 You can purchase all of these from any Boots, Debenhams ,John lewis, or even from the Lancome website

Galateis Douceur £21- £34
Gentle softening cleansing fluid for face and eyes
 I love this product, its a type of 'milky' cleanser, and leaves your skin so soft and takes away the oily feeling on your skin, I use this every morning and every night.
I splash warm water on to my face and gentle massage this into my skin, focusing on the T-zone

Tonique Douceur £21-34
Softening hydrating toner
 Sadly I've ran out of this! so I need to buy another one, at the moment Debenhams have 10% off, so im going to take advantage of that whilst its there.
   I use this every morning and every night, and apply it with a cotton pad after cleansing my face, this helps to remove any remaining make up, excess oils, or impurities, this leaves my face feeling so fresh.

Hydra Zen Neurocalm £38
Soothing Anti-stress moisturising cream 
 At first when I seen the price of this I was a bit hesitant to buy it, so I did read a lot of reviews on it, and all of them were positive, and when using a moisturiser, you do need to use a good one, so I a bought this to see what it was like. 
 I love it! you only need a tiny bit for your face. Considering I've been using it before Christmas I still have well over half of it left, I have heard it can last up to 6 months!
 I use this every day and night, after I've let my toner dry. It leaves my skin feeling so silky
I know its not exactly budget price, but it is defiantly worth it

And after using these my skin, it has completely cleared up! I would defiantly recommend these.
But if anyone else has tried something different after you've had a break out, or if something you use all the time, then please let me know! I'd love to try them

Hand cream

I'm always conscious of having dry hands. I'm studying pycriatric nursing in university, so as a nurse we are constantly washing and drying our hands, and our hands do become very stiff and dry, but this has really helped my hands stay moist. It also lasts a long time and it's perfect size to put in my handbag, So I can take it everywhere with me! Not to mention the gorgeous smell of it.
I have to admit everything from soap & Glory smells amazing! I wish you could smell it over the screen! (A stupid thing to say, I know haha)

'Hand food' Soap & Glory
Only £5 for 125ml!!
Personally for the results you get, it's truly amazing <3