Sunday, 25 March 2012

My hair mission, month 1

Here it is, my mission to grow my hair! So for years I swear my hair just hasn't grown, well it has but my hair dresser said that my splits end just snap (cryyy!)
 I will be doing monthly posts on these products too let you all know the truth whether they work or not (hopefully they will!)

I had my hair trimmed yesterday, to get rid of my split ends, so this will be the beginning of my healthy hair.

Before I bought these products, I um'ed and arh'ed about them, thinking will they really work? and my mum said you wont know inless you try! so I just thought why not? They all had mixed opinions. I purchased all of these from boots, its 3 for 2 all all these products! So I also thought I would take advantage!

I will do the hair treatment routine every time I wash my hair. I only wash my hair 2/3 times a week which might seem a bit gross, but my hair doesn't really get greasy as I wear it up 75% of the time.

First step 
Lee Stafford Hair growth shampoo 200ml

This is a clearish colour shampoo, and lathers a lot in your hair, so you don't need much of this
Its a protein based shampoo, 'helps hair grow faster and to its maximum potential length'
We'll see how true that is in a month time!
I have use this once and it did make my hair knotted and harder to brush when I got out of the bath, but I didn't really mind this too much, as long as its not damaging my hair!

Second step
Lee Stafford Hair Growth Treatment 200ml

This had the best review (175 reviews with 4 and a half/5 stars
 I don't think that this will last too long, if you have long or thick hair.
'For hair that never grows past a certain length' This contains a protein based mixture, which is mean't to help hair grow and become stronger, so your split ends don't snap so much.
  It says to use this between your shampooing and your conditioning, use an egg sized amount, and to apply it evenly throughout your hair, but massage it into your scalp and leave it on for 5 minutes. This made my hair feels really smooth when I washed it

Third step
Lee stafford hair growth conditioner 200ml

This is protein based conditioner just the same as above. I didn't have to use much of this, and I left this on for 3 minutes.

Fourth step
I towel dry my hair so its 80% dry then apply a pea sized amount of Miracle oil (I have blogged about this previously)
Then I apply my Aussie volume mouse and heat protector then blowdry the top of my hair and then let the rest dry naturally.

Final step!
Just before I go to bed I massage my head, this apparently stimulates the blood circulation in your head which makes your hair grow fasters, and it also reduces stress and helps relaxation! 

 Vitamins and Food Diets

Every morning I will be taking multivitamins,Vitamin C,B complex,and omega 3 for vegetarians, I have read that all these will help your hair grow healthily and strong, I take these anyway because im a vegetarian so I need my vitamins! 

Oily Fish foods- This is supposed to be really good for your hair as its omega 3, but sadly I don't eat fish. Also proteins foods but I don't have much protein! So I will change this 

My daily fruit and veg, dark green and orange foods are also mean't to help, e.g Broccoli and sweet potato

So this is pretty much it! I really hope all this works! Ill be devastated if it doesn't ha! 
Let me know if you know of any good techniques or products 

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  1. looking forward to your posts on this, I have the exact same problem! And it does not seem gross, I only wash mine about that too, just doesn't get greasy really. Sam xx