Monday, 12 March 2012


I bought these 4 days ago, and I'm really liking them!

I used MAC press powder about 2 years ago, but once I finished it, I never went back to it, I don't know why, but I have just rediscovered it, and have no idea why I stopped using it!
Theres no problem with my old press powder (maybeline) but I ran out of it so I just decided to try a new one.
This one has is translucent, not sure if I prefer that to be honest? But I don't mind either way, I keep my shine away for a really long time! Longer than my maybeline one, and you don't need to use much either, so hopefully its going to last me a long time.

Ok, I know my eyebrows are awful, I seriously need to get them sorted out, There are over plucked and uneven.
This MAC eyebrow pencil really helps me get a more precise shape to my eyebrow because it has a little tip,which I really like. For some reason I don't think this going to last that long, but when I run out of this im going to try a powder instead of pencil, so if anyone knows any good powders then let me know! :)


MAC press powder £18
MAC eyebrow pencil £11.50

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  1. great review! xx