Monday, 12 March 2012

Little haul

This isn't really much of a haul, but I love the stuff I've bought, and wanted to share it!

Topshop playsuit is probably my favourite, I got this from the petite section.
Its really flattering and the flowers on them are gorgeous, the only thing i'm a bit worried about is that its a high neck, and they dont usually suit me, but I will make it suit me! I have to I love it! I would defiantly recommend it, its a chevron material  and falls in all the right places.

I have been eyeing up these topshop shorts ever since they came into stock. I'm loving pastel colours at the moment! I just thought these were so summery and you can dress up or down and there so yummy! The only thing is that there a little big around my waist, but thats not too much of a problem, as Im going to tuck tops into it, so it wont be so noticeable. I love the fact there high waisted too, because I have little legs (disadvantage of being 5ft2!).

I have read so many amazing reviews on Real Techniques brushes, so I thought i'd give the powder one a try.  For their quality thats quite in expensive to other brushes for the same look they give.
 The bristles are really soft and picks up the perfect amount of press powder/bronzer with out it making it look cakey on your face, and it speads evenly giving you a flawless finish.

I've been looking for a new/good bronzer for a while now, and I know a lot of my friends use this one and dont have any complaints about it, so I bought it to try and im really pleased with it, you can build up the colour of it to however dark you want it, and stays on for a long time without the bronze colour starting to fade. Oh and this smells amazing!

I love this colour nail vanish! I actually had an exact colour like this a couple of months ago, but lost it! I seriously always loose everything. Again its a pastel pink and it looks gorgeous on! Defiantly my favourite colour at the moment.

Topshop playsuit £48
Topshop shorts £32
Bourjois bronzer £8.50
Real Technique Powder brush £12.50
Barry M Strawberry Nail vanish £2.50


  1. So so lovely, I want it all! :-)

  2. Ahh I'm Absolutely Loving Those Shorts :)


  3. These shorts are amazing ! ❤