Tuesday, 27 March 2012

My life

I was giving my Louis Vuitton diary as a christmas present 2 years ago, but never used it, then moved house and thought I lost it! Last September I was going through all my things, tidying my room, and I found it! Hidden it a pocket in one of my old bags.
 I Don't know how I ever lived with out it before!
If you know me then you would know that I have always had problems organising things,being on time for everything and forgetting where i'm supposed to be at a certain time. But this has stopped all my problems aha!

  I literally carry it everywhere with me! It's perfect size to fit it your handbag, and it doesn't take up any room, even if its a small bag! It also has card compartments to, so you can use it a purse.
I would show you a picture of inside,but my hand writing is so messy! (I blame it on being left handed)

I also feel like a business person having it to, as if I have important things to write down and places to be ahaha!

Do you have problems organising things?
Try buying a diary!


  1. This is lovely, I was considering getting one like this.. but got a filofax instead! and never ended up using that! - I wish I could be more organized :( <3

  2. Thats absolutely stunning :) I was thinking about getting one too. I'm quite organised tbh and maybe a tad ocd haha i'm always making lists and need to know what i'm doing :L



  3. This is gorgeous. I try to use a diary but I always forget that I have it and never end up writing anything in it. x

  4. I really need to get a diary

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