Thursday, 22 March 2012


 I have tried so many primers and these two seem to be my favorite at the moment

Effet Miracle £26
 I really like the texture of this, its like a 'airy,mousey' feel and its white but obviously goes clear wenn you apply it.
I use this for everyday use, as it tends to keep the shine of my face nearly all day, and I have quite wide pores and this seems to make them appear smaller. So far im loving this, but it quite expensive, but I wont be buying it again for a while as it lasts quite a long time! :)

Loreal Studio secrets £28
 £14.29 for a single pot
I had this in my stocking for Christmas, it came with two in the box!
 I use this when I go out for a meal or out for a few drinks, it's seems to be quite good for photos and takes away any shine, it's lasts all night and stops my makeup from going patchy, it feels a bit thicker than the Lancôme primer, but doesn't feel Cakey before you put any makeup on

If you've found any good primers for oily skin then please let me know! :)

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