Sunday, 25 March 2012

I LOVE SUMMER, hate revising

Just a random little post, been shopping and revising today, I have an exam in 3 weeks! and I've only just started revising. Aaaaarrhhhhh stressing, why do I always leave everything last minute!?

 So here I was revising, and Baby comes along and rudely plonks her butt on my revision, cheeky girl! Does anyone have any good revision tips?


Come on summer! I just need a holiday to get away!! Can't wait too get a tan,go to the beach and everything else to do with summer, no more fake tan! woohoo! 

Anyone else excited?!
What plans do you all have for summer?
I also want to go to the wireless festival but its sold out! Does anyone know where I can get tickets from?


  1. Your dog is so cute what type is she ? xx

    1. aww thanks! shes so naughty though! she a Chihuahua :) xxx