Tuesday, 6 March 2012

My Chanel experience

Sadly this is not a positive review, but I decided to be a blogger so I can tell people the truth. 

So around beginning in OctoberI bought the Chanel Mat lumiere foundation.(this is now discontinued)  I had very high expectations of this, as everything else I have of Chanel I have, I love, including blushers,bronzers,perfumes  etc.

First problem was - the colour match, the women at the Chanel counter colour matched me two shades darker than what I am, and I was very surprised at this! 

Second problem - It was very thick and 'cakey' and the women told me that it will not look cakey. But I disappointingly have to say is that this women was obviously just trying to sell me this product. 

Third Problem - When I did wear it to just try it out, with in an hour it made my skin look oily, and then became patchy.
"controls shine" this does not control shine.

The fact that I was colour matched wrong, did not help the patchiness at all.

I have recently tested out the Perfection Lumiere which is meant to be a better version of Mat Lumiere. It is better but again still the same problems, just not as much.
I do have to tell you, there are better products out there for my skin and possibly others for £36.

Please tell me if you think different to this review about this product.
But remember to ask for a days sample to try before you buy!

Every since this experience I am so weary of trying new foundations and people trying to sell them.

I just want an amazing foundation which I love!
Have you had any bad experiences with foundation?
If you have I'd love to know!



  1. suprised at the colour match! i find clinique foundation nice personaly :) x

  2. I love chanel products :)
    Great review!