Thursday, 15 March 2012

Granny Style!!

  Soo, last night I went out for my friends birthday, and dressed up as a granny!
I got my outfit from a charity shop and it came to around 6 pound, my blouse is from primark for £10 and so are my dolly shoes which were only £4!
  I actually in a strange way like the skirt, but only in the sense I'm going to use it as a strapless beach dress in the summer, it then it come to just above my knees.
 If your thinking of going out fancy dress, I would defiantly say GO AS A GRANNY! The looks people were giving us were hilarious!!

So this is what I wore,

Whats your favourite fancy dress? I need another idea for next month but cant think of any!!!

This is how I'm thinking of wearing it, considering it was only £3! I don't think its that bad, im going to take the little red bow of though.

This is the £10 blouse from Primark, and I actually really like it! 



  1. Blouse is adorable x

  2. All three ways are ridiculously adorable. Love your style! I never would have thought of pairing those two together. and you're gorgeous by the way!

    found the route