Monday, 5 March 2012

Hair Care Schwarzopf

So within the last 6 weeks I have gone from a dark brunette to a blonde (still trying to get use to it, not too sure about it at the moment) and as use can imagine, what the damage is like to my hair! I've always had really soft and knott free hair, but now its dry, gets knotted very easily, and everything else along with bleaching my hair.
 My hair dresser at first refused to do it, as she loved my dark hair, but I needed a change, and as its coming up to summer, I thought it was a perfect idea to go lighter!
 I was naughty, my cousin who is a hairdresser, I asked her if she could put some highlights in my hair so she did that for 3 weeks then I went to my salon, and my hairdresser then agreed to finally dye it Because my cousin got my hair fairly light!
 After getting my hair to near enough to the colour I want my hairdresser said to me, that she is not going to touch my hair again intill I use these products that she recommened me to buy, so I have been doing that the past to weeks and I can already see a massive difference!
 She will be so shocked when she see's me next on how quickly my hair repaired itself.
 I can only imagine what the results will be in 6 weeks when I go to have my roots done!
 The products I used were,

 BC Bonacure Hairtherapy Repair Rescue Schwarzopf
 Shampoo and conditioner for both I paid £30 in my salon, but I'm sure the prices online with be a lot cheaper.
 These are both creamy textures which is really soothing in your hair.

When using the shampoo I do two washes with it, one after another, I find this way you have better results.

With the conditioner I gently massage it into my hair and leave it for two minutes, the rinse with warm water.

Miracle Oil £24
Again I'm pretty sure you could find this cheaper on the internet but I bought this  from my salon.
Before I use this I towel dry my hair, and put a pea sized amount in my palms, the evenly rub it in my hair, and style as normal.
This gives the shine and extra repair for the hair, and also helps with split ends!

         If you have dry and brittle hair I would defiantly recommend these products! If you have any questions about these then please ask! <3

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