Monday, 5 March 2012

Lancome Skin care

   Just before Christmas my skin broke out in spots, and I rarely get them any more, and everything I was trying just wasn't working!
   I had been eyeing up the Lancome products for quite a while, and at that moment in time I was willing to try anything, so I did buy them, although for some people there price can be expensive, but too keep your skin clean and clear, personally I think its worth it.
 You can purchase all of these from any Boots, Debenhams ,John lewis, or even from the Lancome website

Galateis Douceur £21- £34
Gentle softening cleansing fluid for face and eyes
 I love this product, its a type of 'milky' cleanser, and leaves your skin so soft and takes away the oily feeling on your skin, I use this every morning and every night.
I splash warm water on to my face and gentle massage this into my skin, focusing on the T-zone

Tonique Douceur £21-34
Softening hydrating toner
 Sadly I've ran out of this! so I need to buy another one, at the moment Debenhams have 10% off, so im going to take advantage of that whilst its there.
   I use this every morning and every night, and apply it with a cotton pad after cleansing my face, this helps to remove any remaining make up, excess oils, or impurities, this leaves my face feeling so fresh.

Hydra Zen Neurocalm £38
Soothing Anti-stress moisturising cream 
 At first when I seen the price of this I was a bit hesitant to buy it, so I did read a lot of reviews on it, and all of them were positive, and when using a moisturiser, you do need to use a good one, so I a bought this to see what it was like. 
 I love it! you only need a tiny bit for your face. Considering I've been using it before Christmas I still have well over half of it left, I have heard it can last up to 6 months!
 I use this every day and night, after I've let my toner dry. It leaves my skin feeling so silky
I know its not exactly budget price, but it is defiantly worth it

And after using these my skin, it has completely cleared up! I would defiantly recommend these.
But if anyone else has tried something different after you've had a break out, or if something you use all the time, then please let me know! I'd love to try them

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