Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Shopping spree 1

So here is the post I promised you, its nearly everything I bought on my shopping spree after my exam and my two 4000 words assignments! Personally I think I deserved it and it was a great excuse to go shopping! I'm going to do it all in two posts, because other wise its going to be huge and maybe boring to read it all at once!

Sorry about the awful quality of the photos, but i've had to take them on my phone because I broke my camera when I dropped it! :( 

H&M Blazer - £30. This has a stunning silk back to it.
Miss Selfridge Top - £22. I was disappointed with this as its such a beautiful top, and is basically a crop top, and would be difficult to wear a bra because of can see nearly all the bra. 
Topshop shorts - £22. Finally found a pair of shorts the don't be half of my bum! Love these.
Mango bag - £12.50 in sale. This comes with straps but I've tucked them inside the bag, fits everything I need in here!

Miss Selfridge Pink Jeans - £35, these are the perfect colour for me, and are so comfy! 
Asos Playsuit - £45, but bought brand new with tags on Ebay for £11.50, this is gorgeous on, defiantly my favourite playsuit.
River Island playsuit - £20 I think ? But bought of Ebay brand new for £9.75!

Topshop - £65 These go with basically everything for a night out

River Island - £45. I absolutely adore these, they are perfect for going shopping when wearing jeans, going out to the cinemas or for a little meal with a cute dress.

Primark Sandals  - £8. I thought these looked like the ones from River island which are something that £25?
Primark Weaved dolly shoes - £8, these came with huge flowers on the front, but I didn't like them so I cut them off. 
Primark Leopard dolly shoes - £6, these came with bows on the but I cut these off them to, because I didn't like them.

My second post will be up soon which includes all the beauty products I bought   


  1. Aww you got some lovely items :D I love a good ol' deserving shopping spree after exams and stuff :D Think i need to check out Ebay, you got some great deals! xx

  2. amazing items! xx