Saturday, 12 May 2012

Need help

Hey everyone, hope your all loving the sun today! In the next few weeks I moving house and needs some help/ideas on decorating my
bedroom. I want to vintage/boutique theme, and was wondering if anyone's got any good ideas or websites? I'm not very imaginative so I have no idea on what would look good These are a few things i've chosen/like so far.

I need something/somewhere to store all my makeup so its really organised and pretty looking. Oh and my uni work too.
I like how many shelves there are around this to store everything in
This is from Ikea, but i would like something a bit bigger with more storage

This is from Dunelm,  I want this for my bedding, so obviously things matching these colours. Does anything think this looks too 'old' though? 

This is all i've got to so far, and I don't have much time, arhh stressing!

I need as many storage ideas as possible pleaseeee and as much help would be appreciated so much :) ! 



  1. I was in a similar situation a few months ago, i went straight to IKEA to get a load of furniture :)


    I also got the 'ALEX DRAWER UNIT'

    These are both great for storage, i really want to get another ALEX set.

    Also their simple 'MALM CHEST OF DRAWERS' are really effective, the drawers are really deep and hold a lot. I've added drawer dividers so everything is really organised and pretty looking haha

    I got everything in white as i love the vintage look too :D

    Hope this is helpful, if you have any questions just message me!


  2. Thank you sooo much!! xxxx