Friday, 1 June 2012

Pro active - isit worth the splurge ?

I mentioned before I have used proactive in the past for a couple of months, but when I ran out I didn't buy it again because 1, I thought I could find something that worked the same for cheaper. 2, I wanted to try something new and 3, I thought I could buy a few new tops with that £40!!
  So I turned to good old trusted 'Simple' Gel wash and Toner, for a month it work well, a few spots here and there but nothing major. But last week my skin broke out like there was no tomorrow!! Its true that when you have clear skin you have so much more confidence, and my skin was so bad, I didn't really feel like going out any where.
  This made me realise that Proactive was the best skin care I have ever used, whilst I was using it, all my black heads went, my skin was near enough perfect and I wanted that perfect skin back! 
  So I went online to boots and took advantage of the 3 for 2 offer on Proactive. Personally to me it is worth the money if you want clear skin. I have heard that this doesn't work for everyone, but everyone who I know who uses it, it works wonders. 
 My order arrived on Tuesday, and immediately started using using it, this week bring out any spots which were under the skin (I hate this stage) and from then on it starts to clear your skin.

Step 1
This removes any dirty/oils from your face and includes little soft exfoliating beads

Step 2
Apply this to a cotton pad, then to your face 

Step 3
This is a cream consistency which you gently rub into your face, and your finished!

Have you got any skin products which really work or do not work for you ?  


  1. I've often wondered about this product, especially with the hefty price tag, however it sounds great. The thing I find helps my skin in Sudocrem :)


  2. great review! xx

  3. Glad to hear that it really works for you. I would love for a product to give me clear skin and remove my blackheads. I've heard a lot of mixed reviews about Proactiv though so I'm not sure whether it'd work for me.

  4. I used this before and it worked in the beginning for me and then seemed to stop. It did help to clear my acne permanently though! Hope it works xx

  5. I've always wanted to try this product before! I try so many different products and still haven't found the perfect one!

    Follow back xo

  6. My skin is awful has has been for the last 10 years! This is tempting, but like you say you could buy 2 tops for the money haha! :( Maybe one day!

  7. This is good to know. I have tried everything from Burts Bees but way to oily. I’ve tried every product too at whole foods almost. I do the at home facial with the Riiviva Microdermabrasion tool for my acne scarring and it’s terrific. Its here at
    Do you have any recommendations as to what avenue to take for mositurizing with out all the oily residue that happens when I use oils. Thanks